Designed for urban, suburban and rural environments with 2-4 hours of daily, direct sunlight



Grow up to 27 plants at once,
continuously harvest fresh leafy greens, herbs, vegetables and fruits



We use premium components including best-in-class pumps and high-quality UV stabilized food-grade plastic, all with a focus on productivity

No Soil, No Mess, Lots of Success

No Soil, No Mess, Lots of Success

Our hydroponic systems use patented low-pressure aeroponic technology, allowing for increased air and oxygen to the root zone, promoting greater growth. In Aeroponic systems, a sub-set of hydroponics, plants are grown by having their roots suspended within the hollow modules and regularly showering them with a nutrient-rich water solution. The closed-loop low-pressure water system recirculates the water, using 90% less water than conventional soil gardening. Aeroponics promotes greater oxygenation of the roots which leads to better plant growth and health

Everything You Need To Grow Outdoors

Sunshine (not included)
Requires 2-4 hours of direct sunlight daily
Modular Construction
Grow as few or as many plants as you like, up to 27 large plants at the same time
Aerospring Grow Cups
Easy to remove reusable grow cups providing a perfect fit
Irrigation Automation
A WiFi timer automates and schedules irrigation settings to your preference
Hexagon Shape, Maximum Sun Exposure
Allowing for maximum exposure to sunlight
Best-in-Class Pump
Sicce 1.5 Syncra Silent 23W submersible pump with 3+2 years manufacturer's warranty
Facebook Group

Facebook Group

  • Aerospring Hydroponics’ customers get exclusive access to the private Aerospring Gardeners Facebook group, with over 1,500 global members and growing every day
  • Our mission is to empower you to grow sustainably, and this group will help you on your journey. It is a forum for you to ask questions, get advice, and see what others are growing around the world
  • Common topics of discussion include Aerospring maintenance, best practices, pest management, germination, plant varieties, plant life cycles, and many more! We also hold regular FB Live sessions covering these topics
  • With this support, you will not be alone, and you will get the support you need on your path to sustainably growing your own food at home. Join the Aerospring community today!
  • Aerospring Gardeners Facebook group is a private group, and you will need to provide your order number and agree to the group rules to be granted access
  • Open Source Aeroponic System

    Open Source Aeroponic System

  • We designed our systems to be open source so you can use the grow media, nutrients, seeds and seedlings of your choice
  • The Aerospring grow cups provided with the system have been designed for Grodan Rockwool cubes in mind, but you can use any other media suitable for hydroponics that fit the cups
  • We’ll always encourage you to germinate your own seeds, but you can also purchase ready to plant seedlings at any neighbourhood garden centre or hydroponics nursery near you