Aerospring Turnkey Vertical Farms

Aerospring Hydroponics is seeking proposals from farming companies for a partnership using Aerospring’s turnkey hydroponic farming systems. Aerospring Hydroponics will be giving away a small farm setup for 900 plants, capable of growing approximately 2 tons of leafy greens per year. The farm will be perfect for urban environments with limited space, but also applicable for more traditional farming environments.

The farm giveaway contest will be officially announced during the Agri-Food Expo Asia 2023 taking place 31 October – 2 November 2023 in Singapore. One vendor will be selected that meets or exceeds the requirements identified in this RFP. Aerospring Hydroponics reserves the right to not award if responses do not meet the requirements.


Companies interested in Aerospring’s turnkey hydroponic farming systems must meet the following criteria:

  • Have experience in farming.
  • Have an ideal location for the systems.
  • Have adequate manpower to manage the systems for the minimum required period.
  • Willingness to collaborate with Aerospring on crop selection and growing cycles.
  • Willingness to collaborate on yield and data collection.
About Aerospring Hydroponics

Aerospring Hydroponics manufactures patented Aerospring hydroponic systems, leveraging low-pressure aeroponic technology. Started in 2015 by husband-and-wife co-founders, Thorben Linneberg and Nadine Keller, Aerospring Hydroponics has sold over 4,000 hydroponic systems globally in over 25 countries. The Aerospring systems were born from a desire to create a functional, high-yielding system with a focus on usability. To date, the majority of Aerospring’s sales have been direct-to-consumer, and now we are launching our turnkey hydroponic systems for commercial farming applications.

About Aerospring Hydroponics Systems

The patented Aerospring hydroponic system is a modular system that leverages low-pressure aeroponics. While hydroponic farming has proven to use less water, promote faster growth and higher yield, in less space, than traditional soil farms, aeroponic systems have advantages over other hydroponic systems namely using up to 30% less water, greater nutrient absorption and better oxygenation than other hydroponic systems. Aeroponic systems also grow up to 20% faster than other hydroponic technologies.

The systems are geared towards growing leafy greens, herbs and fine herbs, and other vegetables such as tomatoes, chilis, etc. We estimate that a pole of 36 plants can yield approximately 5-8kg of fresh produce per month, depending on the cultivars grown and the environmental conditions.

The Aerospring system is modular and can be built to various heights (the sizes and configurations above are models available for consumer purchase).

As such, the application of Aerospring hydroponic systems in a farm setting allows the farmer to customise the capacity of each vertical pole to meet their yield targets.

Farm Giveaway Details

25 Aerospring Pro systems, inclusive of:





75L water reservoir (configuration 1)



Water reservoir lid



Aerospring Hexmodules (3 plant sites)



Aerospring shower lid (configuration 1)



Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 pump with 10m power cable



Aerospring grow cups/net pots



Rockwool cubes



Aerospring hose fittings



Aerospring Hexgrow Nutrients


*Estimated yield of 25 Aerospring Pro systems is 1,980kg of produce annually, calculated at:

      • 200g per plant site per month
      • 900 plant sites

Farming Partner Requirements



Experienced in farming

Partner must have an established farming operation and a proven track record of food production (either soil or hydroponics)

Have an ideal location for the systems

Physical Space: The space requirement is approximately 7m x 6m

Sun Exposure: 4+ hours of direct sun exposure per day regardless of the time of year

Have adequate manpower to manage the systems for the minimum required period

Adequate manpower resource plan to manage hydroponic systems

Willingness to collaborate with Aerospring on management and crop selection

Schedule and processes for system management and joint decision on crops and growing cycles

Willingness to collaborate on yield and data collection

Data is central to this RFP and requires data gathering on-farm yield as well as water and maintenance cycles

Submission Format & Requirements

A. Company Information
        1. Name of the Company
        2. Type of Business Entity: Sole proprietorship/partnership/company
        3. Business Registration Number
        4. Registered Business Address
        5. Primary Contact
        6. Primary Contact Number
        7. Primary Email Address
        8. Details of Company
        9. Company Profile & Track Record

 B. Location Proposal

        1. Measurement of proposed farm area
        2. Directional position and sun exposure across all parts of the year

 C. Manpower Resource Plan

        1. Headcount and resourcing plan
        2. Roles & Responsibilities
        3. Personnel background and experience

 D. Yield & Data Collection Proposal

Evaluation Criteria





Company Profile & Track Record






Manpower Resource Plan



Yield & Data Collection



Aerospring Cultural Fit


Terms & Conditions

A. Aerospring reserves the right to reject your submission if the requirements are not met and if a suitable partner is not determined for any reason.

B. Applications received after 31 December 2023, 23:59 will not be considered

C. The chosen partner will be responsible for shipping from Singapore and for all import duties where applicable.

Awarding Process

A. Application Submissions (2 November - 31 December 2023)

B. Application Review

C. Application Clarifications

D. Winner Announcement Date (31 January 2024)