Grow Fresh Produce All Year Round

You can grow your own produce all year round, regardless of the weather conditions

Rapid Growth
Rapid Growth
Hydroponic systems grow up to 50% faster than soil
Higher Yield
Higher Yield
Aeroponic system allows plants to grow bigger, faster and more
Water Conservation
Water Conservation
Uses 90% less water than conventional soil gardens

Grow Your Own Food

The fresher the food, the better its tastes. Grow great testing, fresh, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and pesticide-free food in our home. The Aerosping can grow almost anything.

Aerospring Indoor System

The Premier Outdoor Vertical Gardening System

  • Full-spectrum, professional-grade grow lights
  • Designed to maximise plant spacing for maximum plant size and yield
  • Designed with usability and functionality in mind
  • Made with the highest quality components

Aerospring Grow Lights

Full Spectrum & High Efficiency

  • Highly efficient, professional-grade grow lights ar 2.05(μmoll/J)
  • Light intensity at 367 PPFD (μmol/m2/s) at 8in.
  • CRI spectrum >90, CCT = 400K.
  • Estimated life span of >50,000 hours.
  • Six light bars to increase light exposure from the bottom to the top of the plants.
  • Increased plant growth and yield.
  • Better overall plant health and vigour.
  • Suitable spectrum for all stages of plant growth

Aeroponics Technology

Design & Technology

  • Hexagonal shape maximise plant spacing for maximum plant size and yield.
  • Vertical nature of the light bars ensures plants are surrounded by light to maximise growth and yield.
  • The modular pole can be adjusted in height to accommodate the number and size of the plants.
  • Aeroponic technology helps to increase the oxygenation of roots, promoting greater growth and healthier plants

Usability & Quality

Food Safe & Easy To Use

  • Easy to disassemble/ assemble hydroponic system components for cleaning.
  • Hydroponic system plastic components are made of PC-ABS and HDPE, which are food safe and dishwasher safe.
  • Easy access to water reservoir for cleaning and maintenance, testing nutrient and pH levels, changing and adding water
  • The 20-gallon water reservoir, the largest in its class, required less frequent refilling, while allowing for better nutrient management and stability.
  • The internal hose is easily detachable for draining and changing water.
  • The six-wheel wheelbase allows for the system to be moved and rotated easily

Grow Tent

Highly Reflective & Light Proof

  • Effectively block light, eliminating 95% of light seepage, keeping your room dark when the grow lights are on.
  • Highly reflective (96%) white interior panels, which will further boost plant growth by 30% when closed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for all homes and offices.
  • Available in grey or black, colours that fit with any home interior

Everything You Need To Grow Indoors

Professional-Grade Grow Lights
6 x 23W foldable Tri-band LED bars, full spectrum lights covering 400-700nm
Hexagon Shape for Maximum Light Exposure
Using a hexagonal design, the position of the 6 grow lights expose the plants to increased light for greater yield
Modular Construction
Grow as few or as many plants as you like, up to 27
Strong, Mobile Wheelbase
Custom-built wheelbase for mobility, with 6 lockable wheels
High-Quality Grow Tent
Oxford D600 tent material with highly reflective white interior panels for greater growth while eliminating 95% of ambient light when zipped
Lighting & Irrigation Automation
WiFi timers automate and schedule light and irrigation settings to your preference
Aerospring Grow Cups
Easy to remove and reusable grow cups with a perfect fit
Best in Class Pump
Sicce 1.5 Syncra Silent 23W submersible pump with 3+2 years manufacturer's warranty

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