Hoppy Gardening Fun – Celebrate Easter with the Kids!

Hoppy Gardening Fun – Celebrate Easter with the Kids!

Easter Sunday is a time for joy, family, and chocolate! But why not add a touch of springtime magic to your celebrations with some fun, educational gardening activities for the kids?

Growing with the Season

Easter falls perfectly in the heart of spring, making it the ideal time to get little hands into gardening. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Seed Sensations:  Introduce children to the wonders of seeds. Let them choose veggies or flowers they'd love to grow, then have them plant them in repurposed egg cartons!

Bonus tips: Decorate the cartons with Easter bunny designs or use colourful construction paper to make plant markers shaped like carrots.

  • Growing with Aerospring:  This is a great way to teach a preschooler about responsibility as they look after the plants and watch them grow. Start this project by getting the kids to germinate some seeds with rockwool cubes, then inserting the seedling cubes into the grow cups and transferring them to the Aerospring system.
  • Seed Grow Jars:  Watching a seed grow is an exciting scientific experiment for preschoolers. This seed jar experiment helps children see what happens underneath the grow medium when a plant grows. Place the jars in a spot where you'll remember to check their progress every day. You can even ask the children to document the journey.
  • Mini Salad Surprise:  Plant a mini salad bowl together! Choose fast-growing greens like lettuce, arugula, and spinach. Kids will love watching their salad grow and can proudly harvest it for a healthy Easter lunch.

Learn As You Grow

Gardening with kids is about having fun and fostering a love for nature. Keep things simple, focus on exploration, and don't worry about perfection.  So this Easter, get growing and watch your little ones blossom alongside the blooms.

Happy Easter, gardeners!