A Shipping Vessel With A Difference


Why Rely on Ports for Fresh Produce?

With Aerospring Hydroponic garden systems, shipping companies like yours can grow continuous fresh and nutritious greens directly onboard.

Benefits of having an Aerospring System Onboard

🥬 Consistent Fresh Supply

No more relying on sporadic port deliveries. Harvest and enjoy fresh, crisp vegetables anytime; 27 different plants at once.

🚀 Space-Efficient

Designed for tight spaces! Turn any corner of your vessel into a bountiful edible green haven.

💧 Water-Saving & Minimise Food Wastage

Uses 95% less water than traditional farming. Harvest only what is needed to reduce food waste. Eco-friendly and ship-friendly!

🌍 Improve Corporate Sustainability & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Decrease carbon emissions from food packaging, refrigeration and transportation. Minimise greenhouse gas emissions associated with importing food from ports. Positively impact the environment, your employees and your competitive advantage. 

🌟 Enhance Crew Well-being & Improve Mental Health

Fresh food boosts morale, health, and overall crew performance!  Gardening as a hobby proves to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and cognitive function, and foster community building and common purpose.

🦾 Smart Automation

Irrigation and lighting (indoor systems) are automated for a more hands-off approach. Plants thrive anywhere, regardless of climate. Offering high-yield fresh produce with low maintenance.

Our Shipping Clients

Over 200 Systems on Shipping Vessel

We aim to provide every crew onboard with cleaner, fresher and tastier food.

Your business and crew members deserve to have Aerospring

Discover how Aerospring can revolutionise your marine nutrition strategy and sail towards a greener future.
Explore the Possibilities of Onboard Farming Today!
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