Vertical Aeroponic Farming with Aerospring

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With our innovative hydroponic systems, we offer a game-changing solution for commercial farmers. The cutting-edge technology maximises space utilisation and minimises water usage.
Whether you're growing leafy greens, herbs, flowers, or even fruits, our scalable systems can be tailored to suit your specific needs and help you hit your yield target.

Aerospring Hydroponic Systems For Commercial Farming

Embrace the future of farming with Aerospring. Engineered for efficiency and sustainability, these systems are an answer to the modern challenges of commercial farming, ensuring higher yields, reduced water consumption, and sustainable produce. Aerospring Hydroponic Systems aims to revolutionise commercial farming by offering cutting-edge solutions tailored for scalable agriculture.

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What is Aeroponics?

An advanced form of hydroponics, aeroponics is the process of suspending plant roots in a closed environment while irrigating them with nutrient-enriched water. This innovative method results in faster growth, healthier plants, and bigger yields — all while using fewer resources.

What farmers can benefit from Aerospring?


Boost your profitability and sustainability with the Aerospring Hydroponics

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Why Go Vertical with The Aerospring?

🥬 Maximise yields in minimal space

A single Aerospring unit takes up less than 1/2 sqm, and uses stackable sections that can hold three plants each. That means you can produce up to 10 times more food than a conventional farm of the same size — without paying for extra land.

🚀 Deliver 30% more produce to market, 3x faster

The Aerospring aeroponic growing process produces up to 30% greater yields, 3x faster compared to traditional farming methods.

💧 Grow sustainably and use up to 90% less water

The closed-loop low-pressure water system recirculates the water and nutrients, using 90% less water than conventional farms.

🌟 Scalable

The Aerospring system is modular and can be built to various heights. As such, the application of Aerospring systems allows the farmer to customise the capacity of each vertical pole to meet their yield targets.

💪 Easy Set-up

Quick to assemble, easy to maintain.

The Aerospring Difference

Modular Tower Design

Our towers are modular and can accommodate up to 36 plants per tower, providing scalability and flexibility.

High-Quality Materials

Unlike most white plastics used in agriculture — which degrade with time and solar radiation — the food grade-compliant, UV-stabilized plastic we use is designed to survive decades.

Optimal Plant Spacing

With three plant sites per module, plants can fully grow and express themselves for maximum yield

Aeroponic Advantage

Through the aeroponic process, roots are provided with better exposure to oxygen, plants grow up to 3x faster compared to in soil, and evaporative cooling benefits root zones and increases growth

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At Aerospring Hydroponics, we believe that everyone should experience the joy of fresh produce. That’s why we have dedicated our efforts to helping people grow, eat and share food everywhere around the world.


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