A Workplace With A Difference

Why every workplace should have an Aerospring?

With Aerospring Hydroponic garden systems, corporate offices like yours can grow continuous fresh and nutritious greens together and engage with one another. At the same time, you also help support community building and strengthen CSR.

What employees can benefit from Aerospring?

Benefits of having an Aerospring System At Workplace

🥬 High Yield, Full-Spectrum

High-yield, up to 5kg of fresh produce per garden every month. Employees can choose what to grow from hundreds of different plant varieties in each garden!

🚀 No infrastructure, Space-Efficient

 No built-in cabinets, installation is quick and easy. Designed for compact spaces! The gardens can be easily moved around the office. Transform any corner at your workplace into a lush, edible green oasis. 

💪 Full Service, No hard work

Aerospring manages the system and plant growth. Employees reap the benefit, with little or no effort. Aerospring does all the serving work for you!

🗓️ Flexible Arrangement

Every company's needs are different. We offer flexible plans and lease-to-own options with no Capex.

💧 Water-Saving & Minimise Food Wastage

Save up to 90% water and 3 times more yield. Harvest only what is needed to reduce food waste. Sustainable and Eco-friendly!

🌍 Improve Corporate Sustainability & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Decrease carbon emissions from food packaging, refrigeration and transportation. Positively impact the environment, employees and your competitive advantage. 

🌟 Enhance Employee Well-being & Improve Mental Health

Fresh food boosts morale, health, and overall work performance! Gardening as a hobby has proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood and cognitive function.

🤝 Community Building and Skill Development

Foster community building and common purpose through workshops and onsite employee discussions and engagement.

Our Corporate Clients

At Aerospring Hydroponics, we believe that everyone should experience the joy of fresh produce. That’s why we have dedicated our efforts to helping people grow, eat and share food from their home or office.

Your business and employees deserve to have Aerospring

Discover how Aerospring can transform your corporate office's nutrition strategy and propel your team towards a greener, healthier & more sustainable future.
Explore the Possibilities of Office Farming Today!


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